Inground Fiberglass Pool Prices Ontario

Our main mission includes provision of a perfect pool despite its style, size or shape. With this in mind, quality fiberglass should be used for constructing swimming pools. These pool kits materials are made up of good quality which requires few chemicals for it to be made. It is also friendly regarding its maintenance. To construct an in-ground fiberglass pool there are many things to be considered. The glass is to be transported from various factories to the site at which it is going to be installed. Later on, it is inserted on top of sand or a concrete base.

In-ground fiberglass pool prices ontario can be summarized as follows: Completely installed and supplied pool will cost $22460 per square foot. Vinyl cover which is electrically motorized and properly stored will cost $3770 per unit, perimeter sidewalk whereby the concrete will be 2 inch thickness and 3 inch in width will cost $150, a privacy gate with two 6” tall gates costing $3480. Extra material costs of the pool will cost $29860 and the labor cost will be $1550. This in total will cost $31410. This is a typical rectangular swimming pool.